Customer Facing Technology

blog | August 12, 2019
Adam Hooley

There has never been a time in the property management industry where there has been so much change within the industry, and our customer base. Technology means we are more efficient at what we do, and our customers are becoming more investment savvy, creating a thirst for more real-time information on their property. Technology opens up a more transparent relationship with our customers and creating a better customer experience.

We are not protected from the evolution of the customer experience. Every major customer-facing player, including coffee houses, airline companies and hotels are constantly working on how they can create a better experience for their customers and, as a result, the experience they are receiving from their property management company is appearing less and less attractive to them.

Most of our property management software programs now have the ability to open customer-facing portals. They allow clients to see their tenants current paid-to-date, recent statements, paid invoices and copies of previous inspections. Our cloud-based programs are also creating transparency for outstanding tenant invoices, upcoming inspections and recent maintenance. It amazes me that many businesses are reluctant to embrace this as a simple way to add value to their customers.

Tenant booking and inspection apps such as Tenant Turner or Inspect Real Estate, allow PMs and leasing consultants to email attendance reports and feedback directly from the property at the completion of a property viewing. This feature is so simple, yet landlords think it is amazing they can receive this report within minutes of a viewing.

Sometimes we don’t fully understand all the features of our software. Or, we don’t have the time to stay on top of new release features. However, technology is moving at such a fast pace we should make time for this. How? Nominate a technology champion in your office. This person should be responsible for knowing all the features your current systems have and be familiar with new releases. They would also be tasked with running training sessions to ensure team members are across the various platforms.

Technology is making life much easier for us to add value to our customers by creating transparency in our work and keeping them current and up-to-date on events, regarding their investment properties. Our suppliers are doing all the hard work to help us create a better customer experience for our clients.

All we have to do is keep up.

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