Building a career

Every person is primarily responsible for their own career. There’s is no room for passiveness in how that career develops, or for an expectation for things to just miraculously work out. It follows that there is no point in working in an agency that does not have big enough ambitions that will allow the achievement of the individual’s personal goals.

It’s also critical to commit to doing everything necessary to build career competencies.

The greater anyone’s career competencies are, the greater value they will bring to their agency and the more they will be rewarded.

Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to take control of their career, refusing to allow events to overtake their ambitions. The individual must be deliberate about their choice of agency and who will be their leader. They must take control of learning and development opportunities. They must have a vision for what their role can be and the potential impact that they could have on the business.

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